This Workshop and Course Bundle is for the 'Recruitment and player scouting workshop ' - Level 1 and Level 2 - INTERMEDIATE, and also our 'Football Funderaments and Scouting - level 1' e-learning course. The price of this pack is £99 saving you £51. 


The Level 1 and also the Level 2 Intermediate workshops are each over two days (four days in total) and you will be able to choose a date to attend from our upcoming workshop dates.

The e-learning 'Football Fundermentals and Scouting Course - Level 1' can be completed in your own time online and is a perfect course to take as preparation for attending the Recruitment and player scouting workshops. 


'The Recruitment and player scouting workshop - Level 1' is a 7 hour workshop spread over two evenings where you will learn how to assess and grade player performance in different positions with a structure, this is a achieved with the use of video tasks. Workshops are limited to a maximum of 9 attendees to ensure interaction and feedback. 


'The Recruitment and player scouting workshop - Level 2 - INTERMEDIATE' is also a 7 hour workshop spread over two evenings, with further playing positions assesses, advanced scouting techniques are taught. You will also learn to assess the signing potential of a player, this is all achieved by scouting tasks and scenario tasks. 


'The S4 Football Fundermentals and Scouting - Interactive Course - Level 1'. This e-learning course can be completed in your own time. This course focuses on the foundations of scouting which is observation techniques. You will learn how to assess the player in and out of possession and what areas to look for in player performance. You will have to completed over 100 mini-video tasks with multi-choice questions, and you will have to scout and assess four players for the final tasks to complete the course.



RECRUITMENT LEVEL 1 & 2 +Interactive level 1 course