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Interactive Courses & Workshops

About our founder


Ged Searson


Ged Searson has over 25 years of football coaching experience, mentored along the way by among others the legendary Sir Bobby Robson, and over 11 years experience as a scout in professional football to deliver Scouting Workshops and Courses of the highest level. As a former First Team Domestic and European scout of Premier League Club West Ham United and Chief Scout of two Football League clubs, Ged passes on his vast knowledge to his attendees through his fully interactive Scouting Workshops and Courses.


Professional football - Player scouting and recruitment workshop - level 1

Professional football - Tactical scouting and analysis - workshop - level 1

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

This three-hour workshop will teach you how professional football clubs prepare for matches through scouting and analyzing their opponents. In addition to this, the Workshop will guide you through the process of how to scout and analyse opponents and compile your own scout reports the same way clubs at the highest level prepare.

Do you work or would like to work in professional or Semi-Professional Football or simply like to gain the knowledge to aid you and your club in analysing your upcoming opponents? If so then this is the workshop for you.


The theories of opposition scouting will be explained and taught 

  • how individual players are analysed

  • lighting team tactics and patterns of play

  • how set-pieces are studied

  • and to how to compile and present this information

  • With the use of video footage, you will get the opportunity to use your new-found skills to create a scout report during the workshop.

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


Presented by Professional Football Scout – Ged Searson

This three-hour workshop teaches and explains how Professional Football Clubs scout players and how they build and organise a recruitment department. The workshop will also guide you through the process of how to scout players efficiently in matches and how to assess the players with a structure.

This workshop is for people who would like to get involved in scouting professionally or are interested in working as a football agent / Intermediary. The Workshop will enable you to gain a better understanding of how professional clubs scout players and how to create and structure your own scouting report working towards building a database.

With the aid of video footage, scouting tasks will be set during the workshop for the participants to practice and use these scouting techniques to complete the tasks and reports.

The workshop will explain and show you 

  • How recruitment systems are created  

  • How to set up and build a Scouting + Recruitment system

  • How professional clubs scout players

  • How to observe a match correctly and what aspects to look for in players

  • How to assess and evaluate players and build rating systems

  • The process of creating and building a scouting database

  •  To track and follow targets

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